We create Stability that leads to Continuity which
enhances Steady growth for nonprofit organizations.

Company Overview

  • Partnership established in 2004

  • A management company comprised of Experienced individuals Dedicated to providing Professional service to their clients.

  • 50 years of combined professional experience in:

       - Administrative Support Services

       - Association Management

       - Meeting and Event Management



To use our knowledge and experience to provide expertise in all areas of administration that involves managing an organization.  We use customized processes and procedures along with the use of technology to communicate and perform consistently to ensure that organizations operate efficiently and effectively. 


To build a management company that will provide support to organizations who will know that WSC is dedicated to their success.  We will provide assistance that will support the maintenance of the organization’s infrastructure and create stability and continuity.  Our employees will use their time, skills, and talent to seek ways to partner with our customers in order to understand and exceed the customers’ expectations.  Our Team Cares!


 Association Management

  • Administrative Management

  • Headquarters Infrastructure

  • Financial Management & Accounting

  • Membership Management & Recruitment

  • Event and Conference Management

  • Newsletters & Brochures

  • Board & Membership Meeting Management


5 Reasons to use an AMC

  • Correspondence

  • Presentations

  • Database Management

  • Paper & E-File Management

  • Email Management

  • Contact Management

  • Social Media

  • Newsletters & Brochures


With more than 50 years of combined experience, the owners of WSC have the talent and technological skills to serve our clients with efficiency and make it seem effortless. We recognize that businesses are seeking partners that will provide effective service in a reasonable amount of time.


Once an organization signs a management or event contract with WSC, they can expect the best in service for a reasonable cost.  We will devote the necessary time to assure that the service provided is served with the highest quality.


WSC staff understands the importance of “customer service.”  We strive for excellence when responding to our clients’ needs.  It is our goal to not only provide exceptional service, but to also build long term business relationships.